Policy on izi subscribers' personal data

The cellular services operator under the “izi” brand (hereinafter - the Operator) appreciates the trust you give us by providing your personal data and takes all the necessary technical, organizational and legal measures to protect them. In order to find out what personal data we collect, how we process and protect them, please carefully read this Policy based on the “izi” subscribers' personal data (hereinafter - the Policy).

The terms and definitions used in this Policy are understood and interpreted in accordance with the terms and definitions specified in the “izi” Public Cellular Service Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement).

General provisions

We have developed this Policy in accordance with the requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation in the domain of personal data and their protection.

In the Policy, we describe ways to obtain consent, the list of personal data collected, the purpose of their collection and processing, the rights and obligations of the Operator and subscribers, as well as the list of measures taken by us to ensure the security of your personal data.

The policy is a publicly available document declaring the basis of the Operator’s activities to collect and process the personal data of the subscribers and their protection. The policy is available in the "izi" Mobile Application and on the Operator's Website.

Your personal data held by the Operator are recognized as confidential information. We have developed and constantly update internal rules for the protection of your data and monitor the proper compliance of our employees with these rules. Each employee of the Operator signs a non-disclosure obligation regarding confidential information when he or she needs access to such information to perform their functional duties.

Obtaining consent to collecting and processing personal data

We collect and process your personal data of limited access only with your consent.

In accordance with the requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation, the Operator provides communication services to the subscribers only if there is an Agreement, the procedure and conditions for its conclusion being determined by the relevant regulations approved by the authorized body in the domain of communication. The Agreement is public and is available in the "izi" Mobile Application and on the Operator's Website.

The conditions for the provision of communication services and other related services are determined by the Agreement .The Agreement is concluded by signing the registration form in the “izi” Mobile Application or by any other method specified by the Operator and not prohibited by the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation .

When concluding the Agreement, you agree that the Operator will collect and process all data that you provide to us independently in the process of receiving services that become available to the Operator in the process of providing you services under the Agreement.

List of personal data collected

This Policy applies to all personal data provided by you when joining the Agreement, transmitted when contacting the Automatic Service System, filled in on the Website of the Operator, izi Mobile Application, and received by the Operator in the course of providing services.

The list of personal data collected by the Operator for the provision of services, including when downloading and using the izi Mobile application, covers the following data, including but not limited to: IIN, full name, subscriber number, date and / or year of birth, email address, IP address, information about the Subscriber Mobile Device, version of the operating system, unique identifiers of the Subscriber Mobile Device, geolocation, GPS data, bank details, information about payment transactions, including information about their time and amount.

The list of personal data collected by the Operator for the provision of services is the minimum necessary for the conclusion of the Agreement, and the requirements for the mandatory provision of these data by the subscriber are determined by the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation.

This Policy does not apply to information collected on information resources owned by third parties, or transmitted by you to someone independently through the use of our communication networks. The information resources of third parties may have their own personal data protection policy .The Operator is not responsible for the subscriber receiving unwanted short text or other messages sent by third parties using the services of the Operator .Before using third-party information resources and transferring personal data to them, we strongly recommend that you carefully review the privacy policies of these resources and be extremely careful when sharing your personal data.

You may request information containing a list of your personal data available to the Operator, goals, sources, methods of collecting and processing personal data, and the terms for their processing and storage.A request is submitted via the Automated Service System through the izi Mobile Application.

Your personal data available to us are changed through the izi Mobile application with the provision of documents confirming the change of your data.

Purpose of collecting and processing personal data

We collect and process personal data in order to fulfill the terms of the Agreement with the subscriber, provide the services of the Operator's Partners and representatives, including services rendered to the Operator by third parties and by the Operator to third parties, convergent services, improvement of the quality of the services provided, marketing activities, developing and offering new products and services, informing the subscribers and users about changes in the conditions of the services provided, protection of the subscribers and the Operator from fraudulent activities related to the use of the Operator's services, provision of asset reporting to government agencies, collection of receivables, participation of the subscribers and users in competitions and advertising campaigns, as well as the realization by the Operator and third parties of the rights and obligations established by the applicable law.

Revocation of the subscriber's consent to collecting and processing personal data

You may revoke your consent to collecting and processing personal data transmitted by you to the Operator through the "izi" Mobile application. However , please bear it in mind that, in order to provide you with services, we need your personal data. Withdrawal of your consent in this case will result in the termination of the services provision by the Operator and its partners.

Consent to collecting and processing personal data may not be revoked in cases of unfulfilled obligations to the Operator or other legal restrictions.

Period of personal data storage

We store your personal data for the time required by the Operator to achieve the purposes of their collection and processing under the Agreement, as well as for three subsequent years after the termination of the Agreement.

Your personal data is subject to destruction upon the achievement of processing purposes, as well as for other reasons established by the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation.

Measures taken to protect personal data

Access to your personal data is provided only to those employees of the Operator who need these data to perform their functional duties.

All our employees sign a non-disclosure obligation regarding confidential information and are warned about the liability arising in case of violation of the requirements regarding the protection of the subscribers' personal data.

Your personal data are stored in our electronic databases that comply with international information security standards.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

In order to fulfill the purposes of collecting and processing personal data, we may disclose, including across borders, your personal data to our partners or disclose data to third parties in aggregated form, combined according to certain criteria, according to which it is impossible to determine the subject of personal data .The disclosure of personal data is based on the principles of legality and confidentiality of the disclosed personal data. Data disclosure is accompanied by the conclusion of an agreement on the non-disclosure of the subscribers' personal data and other confidential information. In the agreement, we provide requirements to prevent the disclosure of the personal data of the subscribers without their consent or other legislative grounds.

Enrichment and profiling of personal data

Your personal data may be supplemented or specified by us by requesting additional information from you or obtaining information from open sources, for example, from public social network accounts, as well as from third parties with whom the Operator has a contractual relationship.

Enrichment and profiling of personal data is carried out solely for the purpose of collecting and processing it, as specified in this Policy, and allow us to develop interesting and profitable offers for you.

Policy change

The operator reserves the right to make changes to this Policy. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment of its posting on the Website of the Operator and in the "izi" Mobile Application, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy. We recommend that you periodically check the relevance of this Policy. By continuing to use the services of the Operator after changing the Policy, you confirm your agreement with the changes made.

Operator Information

Limited Liability Partnership "KaR-Tel", BIN 980540000397, address: the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan , Almaty district, 2 K. Zhalaiyry St., telephone: 8 (727) 350 06 06, the Operator's Website: www.izi.me .