Service bundles (Internet, calls, SMS)

How do bundles work?

  1. No expiration date. Gigabytes, minutes and messages do not burn in the end of the month.
  2. No monthly subscription fee. When a bundle ends, it automatically reconnects and bundle cost is written off from the balance.
  3. Call and SMS bundles are spent on all mobile and fixed numbers of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  4. Bundles can be disabled, while the remaining gigabytes, minutes, SMS do not burn.
  5. You don’t have to buy Calls and SMS bundles.
  6. If you do not subscribe Bundles, then the standard cost of calls and SMS to all mobile and fixed numbers of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be 10 tg/min and 10 tg/SMS, respectively
  7. If there is not enough money on the balance to write off, the bundle is not charged. The bundle will be updated when you top-up the balance with sufficient amount to write off the cost of the bundle.
  8. Remain minutes are reset if the customer has not used the number for 6 months (no outgoing calls, outgoing sms, no mobile Internet sessions, balance was not top-upped or was not spent).
  9. Outside of Kazakhstan, all services are charged as in roaming.
  10. Services are available only with a positive balance.