Unlimits (Youtube, Social. Networks, Music, Messengers,Calls to izi)

How do Unlimits work?

  1. Unlimits have monthly subscription fee.
  2. Unlimits does not spend Internet or Calls package and mobile balance.
  3. After Unlimits deactivation service will be valid until the end of the paid period. Subscription fee is not written off.
  4. VKontakte, Facebook, YouTube have 2 types of traffic: their own internal, which is unlimited; and the share of external - technical traffic, banner advertising, visitor counters, as well as videos from other sites posted on social networking pages (Rutube, Vimeo and others). Such traffic is consumed from the main package of the tariff plan, since it cannot technically be identified as Vkontakte, Facebook or YouTube traffic.
  5. Unlimited traffic is not provided and is consumed from the main bundle if VPN, anonymizer or proxy are enabled on the phone, and if the smartphone is used in modem mode (mobile hotspot and tethering).
  6. Services are provided only on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Outside of Kazakhstan, all services are charged as in roaming.